Change Your Kerberos Password using Duo Push

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Remember to change your Kerberos password at regular intervals, following guidelines for choosing a password. You can change your Kerberos password using your current password, your MIT certificate, or your push-capable Duo-enrolled device.

Change your Kerberos password, using your Duo-enrolled device

If you do not remember your old password, or have an MIT certificate, but have enrolled a push-capable device (e.g. a smartphone) for Duo two-factor authentication, you may verify your identity by sending a request to your push-capable device. Enter your Kerberos username, MIT ID number, and new password below, then click "Change your password"; a request will be sent to your Duo-enrolled device. You must approve the request to change your password.

Kerberos Username:


MIT ID Number:

New Password:

unknown error

  • 8 or more characters
  • 2 or more character classes
  • not based on username

New Password (again):



  • matches new password

Change your Kerberos password without your current password, MIT Certificate, or push-capable device

If you do not remember your current password and do not have either a valid MIT Personal Certificate or push-capable device enrolled in Duo, you will need to have your password reset manually. For Lincoln Laboratory users, please call the Support Center at x4357 or email Campus users should visit User Accounts to verify your identity and reset your password.